I will miss all my friends and fans at the One5 Restaurant at Lake Las Vegas Village as that gig has ended.


Times like these make what I do even more valuable.  We artists are on the forefront of bringing life and direction to our society when it needs it most.  And, it has been a lovely, adventurous journey together with you, dear fans and friends.  Don't give up your values or your faith or your confidence that what you do makes a difference.  We need each other now more than ever, every one, to hold true to our goals and to what you know, in your own heart of hearts, to be true and right and good and decent!


My thanks to Boca Park and all my security guard friends there, and especially to the staff at Sambalatte Coffee Shop for their friendship and support.  I was out on their front patio (adjacent to Grimaldi's) every day from the last week of September through the first half of November while the weather was decent.  This had never been done before, and was a lot of joy for me, as well as for many people who came by to listen to my music and to enjoy the superbly free and welcoming space that Luiz Oliveira, the owner of Sambalatte, has created.  Weather permitting, I will continue to perform at Sambalatte on the front patio when I can.  It has been my home base in Las Vegas these past few years.  Thank you to all of you who have helped me there!

Also, a thank you to Bass Pro Shops for providing me a venue in the store and outside the front door during the Holiday Season.  It was a very special time for us all creating all the beloved music that makes Christmas really Christmas!

And, last but not least, a hearty thank you to the Manager, Juan, for providing the venue, and to all my friends and fans at Tractor Supply Company on Rainbow Blvd.  It was always a surprise to folks who came in to shop to also find live music right in the store when they first entered!!!!

Come out and enjoy the music and help me to put life back into the world!

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